Draft Estimate Shows Ten Million Allocation for Presidential Tour

The President is empowered under the constitution to embark on a nationwide tour twice a year.

Since coming into office, President Barrow has been executing this constitutional function yearly to meet with farmers and community leaders across the country to discuss national development and the challenges they are undergoing.

However, the tour is often criticized by political opponents and commentators describing it as misuse of state resources.

During the tabling of his budget estimate, the Finance Minister allocated a ten million draft estimate for the Presidential tour.

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This allocation represents an increase of 4 million compared to the year under review which was approved at D6 million.

The President is preparing to embark on the nationwide tour which commences on 21st November
under the theme: “Together We can Accelerate Socioeconomic Growth and Maintain Peace and Stability.”

In his recent tour after election, Veteran Journalist and former Information Minister, D.A Jawo said the tour is an abuse of incumbency adding that such outings by the President are more political in nature and reality than discussing issues affecting the farming community.

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