Meet the People Tour is a Misplaced Priority-Essa Njie

The President is set to embark on a nationwide tour today which will last for three weeks.

Top Political Science lecturer at the University of The Gambia, Mr. Essa Njie has opined that the meet the people tour is a misplaced priority and a waste of state resources.

Mr. Njie said the tour should be regulated to avoid abuses of the section that sanctioned it.

“The President uses his incumbency in such tours to canvass support for his party and of course mislead the citizens on the current happenings in the country” he added.

The Political Scientist states “it’s nonsensical to go with a large entourage including party militants and technicians on the tour insisting it has not been impactful to masses since its inception”.


“We are tired of hearing Ukraine-Russia war and Covid-19 being our current predicament. The authorities should tell us plans to curb the current situation instead of continuously repeating the same gimmick” He added.

Meanwhile, the Former Minister of Finance, Amadou Sanneh has accused the President of unauthorized spending on the tour.

“10 million was allocated for the Presidential tour in 2021. The president ended up spending at least 30 million on the nationwide tour. This is a complete violation of the constitution and the public finance act” Sanneh alleged.

He has urged parliamentarians to summon the Presidency over such an unguided expenditure alleging that the money was not spent on public interest.

The draft budget estimate which was tabled at the National Assembly shows a D10 million allocation for the Presidential tour next year.

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