Mr. Sadibou Kamaso has accused the GFF leadership of dictatorship.

In a statement, released by Mr. Kamaso on his Facebook timeline last Friday; he accused the GFF current leadership of targeting members of the sub committees that endorsed his candidacy in the upcoming GFF congress.


Mr. Kamaso stated: “My decision to resign today is with a heavy heart but quite apt with a very clear and disentangled mind. It is an established fact that this move was unavoidable considering the fact that the current GFF leadership has embarked upon a realm of unquenchable dictatorship by making unilateral decisions that contravene the democratic principles which are not only manifestly unjust but clearly unsuitable and unacceptable.”

Mr. Kamaso is an aspiring presidential candidate for the forth coming Gambia Football Federation election to be held later this year. He has over the years been a key stake-holder in the development of football.

The GFF leadership has not issued any statement to debunk the allegations made by Mr. Kamaso.

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