Renowned NPP Businessman Blasts State Ministers Over ‘Endless, Useless ’ Travels

Staunch supporter of the ruling National Peoples Party and Businessman, Mr Pa Njie Girigara, has blasted state ministers over what he called “endless and irrelevant travels without positive results”.

According to Mr Girigara, nothing is working in government, saying that the only thing happening in the Barrow-led administration is endless travels of State Ministers and per-diem hunting.

“Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and Directors should be regulated. There are Ministers in this country who will not sit for two weeks without traveling. They always on international conferences, workshops and they will not bring anything in return apart from empty papers into the country” Mr Njie charged.

He argued that during the former regime, corruption was centralized but it is now decentralized under President Barrow with everyone seeing himself or her as the President.


“The only elected President is Adama Barrow and he should be hold to account for all these happenings.

“The only interest our Ministers have is traveling to discover new places nothing more. It’s never their interest to bring development into the country”, he asserted.

Njie, a former GDC Mayor aspirant and now NPP supporter, said the government is not working, adding: “The President is working but his government is not working. The only Ministers that are doing well are not more than three. The rest are only interested in traveling and per diem eatings. They are not interested in the welfare of the state, only their pockets and families”.

Mr Njie made these remarks in an audio obtained by this medium. Despite public outcries, travels remains unregulated within the government.

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