Top Political Scientist Blasts Young Politicians Over Political Inconsistency

Mr. Essa Njie, a Political Science Lecturer at the University of the Gambia has blasted young Gambia politicians over inconsistency and lack of principles in politics.

Mr. Njie made these remarks during an interview with a local radio.

According to Mr. Njie, first-generation politicians are far better than current ones, arguing that the recent ones are not principled and honest.


“The likes of Halifa Sallah, Ousainou Darboe, and other veterans were able to fight dictatorship based on consistency and with sheer principles,” he said.

He added that old politicians have sacrificed everything and they preferred to even die in poverty than compromise their principles, unlike the young ones.

“It a lie to claim you met the President to discuss national issues with him. We have the media and other avenues which you can use to send your message to the Head of State” Njie charged.

Speaking on MC Cham Jnr’s recent visit to Presidency. Njie said such moves are good for our democracy if done with clear consent.

“The President has been extending political patronage to his opponents and he has succeeded in compromising a lot of them. My only worried is; MC Cham Jnr may be another victim of political patronage until he proves me wrong” Njie argued.

The Political scientist states the way the incumbent is co-opting his political opponents is unhealthy for our democracy. He said being an opposition is not a crime and it’s part of national development.

“All oppositions are a government in waiting. So; being an opposition, you do hold government accountable and that’s part of national development” he argued.

Last Friday, the National Youth President of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress met the President at the State in the name of national discussion.

However, some people have expressed doubts about the move, knowing the exceptional co-optation skills of the President after baptizing many young politicians in similar ways.

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